Potato Chip Quilt - Betcha' Can't Make Just One!


This potato chip quilt is on point and has a light ring around the middle

So, have you heard about Brenda at Conquering Mount Scrapmore?  She hosts Free Pattern Friday every week and has created this fantastic block called the potato chip block. It uses one size of rectangle (mine was 2.5" x 4.5") in as many rings as you want around a center block. 

The pattern is SO simple but SO versatile! You can make the blocks more monochrome or maybe lights and darks in alternating rings. You can choose to do 1 ring around the center, 2, 3, 4 -- however many you want. You can lay it out straight or on point or alternating a potato chip block with some other patchwork block. It's easy to size up or down based on how big the quilt is (smaller units for a baby quilt;  bigger for a fast and easy charity quilt). It's especially pretty in rainbow colors across the quilt. 

I’ve written a pattern guide that gives you measurements, sewing instructions and some design ideas for chip quilts… it’s an automatic download at:


THEN, there are little flares you can add -- snowball corners, making some rectangles curvy. The sky is really the limit with this block. 

I made a video showing details of how to make the quilt above and how to organize your pieces and sewing to make it a fast project. I probably spent about 12 hours on this quilt and 4 of them were dealing with that blasted on-point setting.  Never again (yeah right -- I'll do it again). 




I cut my rectangles with the Accuquilt 8" Qube but you could also use the 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" Rectangle Die or other sized rectangle dies as long as the rectangle finishes twice as wide as it is tall (2x4, 3x6, 1-1/2x3). If you like playing around with geometry and putting together your own block designs, the Qubes are an awesome investment. You could play with them forever!

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Have FUN with this one!