About Ginger Tea Quilt Co.


I confess. I'm a geek. I love math. I love deconstructing and re-engineering. I've been a computer programmer for over 30 years and a sewist / quilter longer than that! My brain is wired to see patterns and relationships and proportions. It's a great skill to have but it also makes it practically impossible for me to follow someone else's pattern (and enjoy it). 

When I see a beautiful quilt shared in a Facebook group, I immediately start looking for the blocks. How are patterns repeated? What shapes are in there? How does contrast play into the block design? Do two blocks side by side make a secondary pattern?  

And then invariably someone asks "What pattern is this"?  

Something that comes easily and naturally to me might be very challenging to others. I heard someone say "You are not your student" and I realized I might have something I could share with other quilters. 

So I started my YouTube channel - Copycat Quilter -- to share how I deconstruct quilts and the ultimate joy of quilting by the seat of your pants! 

I also decided I would start offering pattern guides and tip sheets for quilters who needed a little more help. And created some online courses to help you learn to make quilts from your imagination (or copying someone else's that you love). 

Thanks for joining me on this fun journey!